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In Matthew 28, Jesus commands His disciples to go to the corners of the earth in order to spread His gospel. Therefore, at Coastal Christian Ocean City we encourage every believer to seek God's direction toward participating in a short term mission trip. Short term missions play a significant role for the Coastal family, and we devote much time and resources toward reaching beyond our local borders of ministry to take Jesus’ Good News to greater reaches of our nation and the world. While Coastal Christian does support full-time missionaries, we consider offering short term opportunities vital to the growth of our church body and to those who take the step of faith to “go and make disciples.”

As part of the preparation to go out into the mission field we ask that you prayerfully consider a personal fundraising plan if needed by seeking God's supernatural provision for a trip and we encourage a letter writing campaign to build a financial partnership with family and friends.

If you are feeling God's leading to be a part of future trips, please do not hesitate to contact the church office at 609.399.4747. 

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