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801 West Ave
Ocean City, NJ 08226

Coastal Life Center (CLC)            
 West Ave
Ocean City, NJ 08226

Admin Offices & Mailing Address
801 Asbury Ave, Suite 404
Ocean City, NJ 08226 


8:00A  /  9:45A  /  11:30A


Children's Ministry
Available on Thursdays &
on Sundays at 1st & 2nd Services



P 609.399.4747
F 609.399.4759

General admin@ccoceancity.com 
Pastor Matt pastor@ccoceancity.com


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Our ministry on the island of Ocean City, NJ is one of unique demographics. For the most part, this island is made up of vacation homes, which for most months of the year remain empty. Most of our year-round congregation lives off-shore. In the summer, our “congregation” integrates with hundreds of vacationers. The blessing in all of this is that we have the unique opportunity to minister to many different people on a weekly basis. The gospel is preached to so many new people each week, most of which come from the big cities of Philadelphia and New York City! As unique as our population is, so are the needs of our ministry to reach that population (this includes maintaining our own radio station, promoting summer-visitor-related events, etc.). With this in mind, we ask that you help us continue with this “mission field” of a church right here in America’s Family Resort. Please consider making a contribution to allow us to provide year-round, sound biblical instruction to all who will visit Ocean City. You may donate to Coastal in one of two different ways:


  1. Online GivingGive Online
    We offer online giving as a easy way to plan and track your weekly or one time gifts. The first step is to become a registered user of MyCoastal.  Once you have registered and logged in to MyCoastal you may schedule recurring gifts to be made on your behalf on the dates you desire or give one-time gifts at any time.

  2. Giving During Services
    You are welcome to give at any service by check, money order or cash during the offering time. Coastal Christian will send out year-end statements for donations that are given by check or cash given via offering envelopes where you have included your contact information.

Frequently Asked Questions About Giving Online

Why would I want to give online?
Security and convenience make online transactions an increasingly popular means of donating to an organization. 

How do I get started giving online?
Log in to MyCoastal and select My Giving. In this area you can make a new donation, setup a recurring donation (and manage existing recurring donations) or view your Giving History.

Is my online giving secure?
Yes. Every transaction is encrypted with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), the same industry-standard encryption trusted for online commerce with world-class financial organizations.

When will the transaction go on my account?
You set the date when you want your card charged.


Can I give as little or as much as I want?
Donations must be a minimum of $5.00 and there are no limitations on the maximum amount.

What if I make a mistake and need to have a completed transaction reversed?
Contact the church office immediately so your situation can be handled appropriately.